Chopin: 57 Mazurkas

Chopin: 57 Mazurkas

Eugen Indjic

Label: Andante Spianato

UPC: 3700551728619



  1. Mazurka No.1 in F Sharp Minor, Op.6 No.1
  2. Mazurka No.2 in C Sharp Minor, Op.6 No.2
  3. Mazurka No.3 in E, Op.6 No.3
  4. Mazurka No.4 in E Flat Minor, Op.6 No.4
  5. Mazurka No.5 in B Flat, Op.7 No.1
  6. Mazurka No.6 in A Minor, Op.7 No.2
  7. Mazurka No.7 in F Minor, Op.7 No.3
  8. Mazurka No.8 in A Flat, Op.7 No.4
  9. Mazurka No.9 in C, Op.7 No.5
  10. Mazurka No.10 in B Flat, Op.17 No.1
  11. Mazurka No.11 in E Minor, Op.17 No.2
  12. Mazurka No.12 in A Flat, Op.17 No.3
  13. Mazurka No.13 in A Minor, Op.17 No.4
  14. Mazurka No.14 in G Minor, Op.24 No.1
  15. Mazurka No.15 in C, Op.24 No.2
  16. Mazurka No.16 in A Flat, Op.24 No.3
  17. Mazurka No.17 in B Flat Minor, Op.24 No.4
  18. Mazurka No.18 in C Minor, Op.30 No.1
  19. Mazurka No.19 in B Minor, Op.30 No.2
  20. Mazurka No.20 in D Flat, Op.30 No.3
  21. Mazurka No.21 in C Sharp Minor, Op.30 No.4
  22. Mazurka No.22 in G Sharp Minor, Op.33 No.1
  23. Mazurka No.23 in D, Op.33 No.2
  24. Mazurka No.24 in C, Op.33 No.3
  25. Mazurka No.25 in B Minor, Op.33 No.4
  26. Mazurka No.26 in C Sharp Minor, Op.41 No.1
  27. Mazurka No.27 in E Minor, Op.41 No.2
  28. Mazurka No.28 in B, Op.41 No.3
  29. Mazurka No.29 in A Flat, Op.41 No.4
  30. Mazurka No.30 in G, Op.50 No.1
  31. Mazurka No.31 in A Flat, Op.50 No.2
  32. Mazurka No.32 in C Sharp Minor, Op.50 No.3
  33. Mazurka No.33 in B, Op.56 No.1
  34. Mazurka No.34 in C, Op.56 No.2
  35. Mazurka No.35 in C Minor, Op.56 No.3
  36. Mazurka No.36 in A Minor, Op.59 No.1
  37. Mazurka No.37 in A Flat, Op.59 No.2
  38. Mazurka No.38 in F Sharp Minor, Op.59 No.3
  39. Mazurka No.39 in B, Op.63 No.1
  40. Mazurka No.40 in F Minor, Op.63 No.2
  41. Mazurka No.41 in C Sharp Minor, Op.63 No.3
  42. Mazurka No.42 in A Minor (à Emile Gaillard)
  43. Mazurka No.43 in A Minor (Notre temps)
  44. Mazurka No.44 in G, Op.67 No.1
  45. Mazurka No.45 in G Minor, Op.67 No.2
  46. Mazurka No.46 in C, Op.67 No.3
  47. Mazurka No.47 in A Minor, Op.67 No.4
  48. Mazurka No.48 in C, Op. 68 No.1
  49. Mazurka No.49 in A Minor, Op.68 No.2
  50. Mazurka No.50 in F, Op.68 No.3
  51. Mazurka No.51 in F Minor, Op.68 No.4
  52. Mazurka in B Flat (KK 891-895)
  53. Mazurka in G (KK 896-900)
  54. Mazurka in D (KK 1224)
  55. Mazurka in B Flat (KK 1223)
  56. Mazurka in C (KK 1225-1226)
  57. Mazurka in A Flat (KK 1227-1228)
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