Luca Aquino|Jordanian National Orchestra

Label: Bonsaï Music

UPC: 3770000294538


PETRA (Luca Aquino & the Jordanian National Orchestra) Within the framework of the UNESCO global campaign #Unite4Heritage, the new album PETRA by Luca Aquino and the Jordanian National Orchestra will be launched during a special concert on July 23, 2016 in Petra. The initiative is the result of a joint project between UNESCO Amman Office, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization, the Jordanian National Orchestra Association and the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA). This vivid compilation emerged from Italian trumpeter and composer Luca Aquino?s passion for using natural acoustic reverberations in archaeological sites to enhance musical composition. Recognized as one of the most talented jazz musicians in Europe, Aquino was captivated by the acoustic potential of Little Petra during his three visits to Jordan. Little Petra is part of the Petra Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site of unrivalled beauty and unparalleled architectonical value and in ancient times it was a prime location for wealthy Nabataeans looking to build villas away from the main city of Petra, in the cool shade of the surrounding canyon. Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh support was fundamental to the success of the recordings and stemmed from Dr. Talal?s passion for music. PETRA is the first recording project produced by the newly established Talal Abu-Ghazaleh International Records, a new recording label founded with the aim of developing the music industry in Jordan. On July 24, three music tracks will be available on the website for download. On August 23th the full album will be available worldwide online for download. The proceeds of the album will go to the two non-profit associations, which support Petra site and the Jordanian National Orchestra. The UNESCO Amman Office enthusiastically encouraged this cultural endeavor at such a critical and fragile time under the framework of the #Unite4Heritage global movement. This powerful campaign was launched in response to the unprecedented recent attacks on heritage urging global citizens to stand up against extremism and radicalization by celebrating the places and cultural traditions that make each country such a rich and vibrant place. ?Thanks to this initiative we are proud to present a new aspect of Petra?s beauty inspiration: the art of music? says Dr. Emad Hijazeen, Deputy Chief Commissioner of Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority. The cooperative atmosphere of the participants performing and working behind the scenes spanned ten nationalities in bringing this recording to life: the Italian trio with Luca Aquino (trumpet and music), Carmine Ioanna (accordion), Sergio Casale (flute and arrangements) and Jordanian National Orchestra ensemble with the German violinist Anna Maria Matuszczak, Syrian contrabassist Bassem al Jaber, the percussionist Brad Broomfield from New Orleans, the Armenian violist Vardan Petrosyan and the Romanian oboist Laurentiu Baciu. ?The recording of an album in Jordan surrounded by the colors of the desert, within the reverbs of the Petra archeological site, was a dream that I?ve been chasing for long time; finally my dream came true. A mystic experience that I shared with a great cosmopolitan team, from different nationalities apparently far from each other, which united in the desire to express themselves through the music gave life to a sound that blows light from minarets, it flies over my beautiful hometown Benevento while heading straight to New Orleans? says Luca Aquino. A powerful message lies within this universal appreciation for music as we perceive the harmony within this cultural diversity. Reflecting UNESCO?s mandate, the shared passion within this musical experience demonstrates how the arts can build robust bridges between cultures and transcend geographical, linguistic or physical barriers. On this vibrant album, nine pieces have been compiled for your listening pleasure. As the acoustic reverberations interact with the ancient chambers of resonance in Petra, the music expands and changes shape taking on an ethereal quality. ?This musical partnership with the orchestra and TAG-Org is a great way to show Jordan?s appreciation for music and the arts. It?s wonderful to see an increasing amount of folks sharing how they experience Jordan through music and art, especially at a world heritage site. Performances at these historical locations are sites we love to see, and would love to see more. These same sites where ancient civilizations performed, and the revival of this shows that music and historical sites are inseparable? says, Dr. Abed Al Razzaq, the Managing Director of the Jordan Tourism Board. Info: Sara Rella, Project Manager. (00962) 78 5008333 (0039) 333 3309149



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