Paper Lanterns
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Paper Lanterns

Pascal Lamour|Ffran May

Label: BNC Productions

UPC: 3359340158986


This cd, comprised of 12 songs, is our take on the intrinsic fragility of life and everything spiritual. Each idea is a path that each of us has taken in understanding our world. We express ourselves in different languages that are our tools of communication ; Welsh, French, English, Breton, Spanish and Catalan; Like paper lanterns we release our words and thoughts , and they disappear into the infinite above and around us. They are fragile, intimate and precious to us. However precious, they can?t be pretentious. How could they be ? We both come from humble beginnings. We are son and daughter of the land and sea, and our ancestors anchor us to the belief that we explore life and what comes after as they have always done; with an open mind and a simple soul. We think on these things together ; the destruction of our spiritual places, trees, stones and the temple of the land. The link between generations . The sometime solitude of childhood. Or even the thin veil that separates a bride from the other world. We take our words to the end of the worlds, we release them, adamant as they are, sensual and serene as they will always be....


  1. Le livre secret
  2. Ymadael
  3. Les forêts s'embrasent
  4. The Veil
  5. Paper Lanterns
  6. Talking Stones
  7. Kenliamm
  8. Enfant solitaire
  9. Enaid
  10. Un cruze
  11. Santur
  12. An alc'houez
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